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Project Description

COSA (acronym for CRM Organization Service Assistant) is JavaScript library for direct interacting with MS Dynamics CRM SOAP Endpoint. Development team inspired by XrmServiceToolkit project try to create brand new point of view to writing client extensions for Dynamics CRM. COSA brings object oriented way to make a service calls instead of building and concatenating strings. You are right in case you think that in any way we should provide a string as a request payload but with COSA it's not your responsibility.
Please take a look at some killer features:
  • Universal request classes. All request classes included to the library are ExecuteMultipleRequest ready. It means that there is no necessity to mark some request as part of ExecuteMultiple request. Just create an instance and pass to Execute method or push to Request Collection for ExecuteMultipleRequest. (Example)
  • Extensibility. Can't find needed request in COSA? Write your own! COSA provides the way to create custom Request and Response classes.
  • Custom actions support. You can make and handle custom actions service calls with COSA.
Key points:
  • MS Dynamics CRM 2013 and higher support
  • Only asynchronous service calls supported
Development team always working on increasing CRM messages coverage. See full list of supported messages here


  • Implementing of some parts of this library was inspired by Jamie Ji's XrmServiceToolkit
  • The idea of BusinessEntity was inspired by Daniel Cai && Ascentium CrmService JavaScript Library.

Project sponsor

COSA is an open source project contributed by Science Soft inc.
Science Soft inc.

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